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Bolt With Tenon
Bolt With Tenon
Bolt With Tenon

       Bolt with tenon refers to a type of fastener bolt composed of two parts: screw (cylinder with external thread) and bolt head. The most important point of this type of bolt is that it is similar to other bolts. The protruding parts of the tenon can be divided into round head bolts with tenon and countersunk head bolts with tenon according to the head of this tenon bolt. According to the number of tenons, it can be divided into one tenon or double tenon. For example: Head bolts with tenon, countersunk head with pointed tenon bolts and countersunk double tenon bolts, countersunk double pointed tenon bolts, cylindrical countersunk head with tenon bolts, etc.

       Qingdao Haorui Steel Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of standard and non-standard parts with 20 years of production experience. The company mainly produces customized non-standard screws, non-standard bolts, special-shaped bolts, non-standard fasteners, and accepts drawings and samples, and also produces carriage bolts and countersunk head bolts. It is a professional fastener source manufacturer. It is so good to reduce procurement links and save procurement costs for customers in various industries. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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