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Round Nuts
Round Nuts
Round Nuts

Round nuts are generally fine-threaded, mainly used for shaft end locking, and are usually used together with non-return washers. This kind of nut and the stop washer for the nut have always been used in conjunction. When assembling, insert the inner tongue of the washer into the groove on the shaft, and insert the outer tongue of the washer into the groove of the nut, and the nut is locked.

Installation Precautions:

1. When the nut is installed and used, the chamfered side should face the compressed end.

Install the round nut on the bolt with the stop washer by pressing down. At this time, pay attention to the chamfered side down or the flat side down. We need to see whether the washer width of the non-return washer is the same as the width of the round surface of the chamfered side, and then look at the"octagonal" , When tightening, it will flatten the&"Eight claw GG".

2. The round nut stop washer has teeth inside and outside, and holes or grooves should be made on the external thread that matches the nut to accommodate the inner teeth of the washer. After tightening in place, the outer teeth of the washer corresponding to the screw groove of the nut should be folded. The bend is inserted into the groove so that the nut is fixed.

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