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U-shaped Bolt
U-shaped Bolt
U-shaped Bolt

U-shaped bolt (U-shaped bolt), also known as riding bolt, its English name is U-bolt, which is named because of its U-shaped shape. The two ends of this bolt have threads and can be combined with nuts. Its function is mainly used to fix tubular objects such as water pipes or sheets, such as leaf springs of automobiles. It is called riding bolt because its way of fixing objects is the same as that of people riding on horses.

There are many kinds of U-shaped bolts: hot-dip galvanized U-shaped bolts, galvanized U-shaped bolts, stainless steel U-shaped bolts, double U-shaped bolts, single U-shaped bolts and square U-shaped bolts. These U-shaped bolts can be used with locks and nuts, as well as clamps and nuts.

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