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Carriage bolts—how much do you know?

Edit:Qingdao Haorui Steel Products Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-19

Xiaobian introduced to you todayCarriage bolt, Usually, bolts are used to connect two objects, usually through a light hole. It needs to be used with nuts. Tools are usually bridged. The head is hexagonal and generally larger. Frame bolts are used in the groove, and the square neck is stuck in the groove during installation to prevent the bolt from rotating, and the frame bolt can move in parallel in the groove. Since the heads of the carriage bolts are round and there is no available power tool design such as cross grooves or hexagons, it can also play a role of anti-theft in the actual connection process.

Many of us have heard of carriage bolts. After all, this kind of screw is rarely used in our lives, but it is relatively common in our use of various facilities, and is produced in our carriage screw factory. This product, because we will consider that the industrial mechanical effect above us may be more, so the effect of this product may also be more in this regard. First of all, when we use carriage screws, they are usually used to connect two objects, usually through our light holes and nuts. I have carriage screw factories that are also considering this aspect, so it does not matter if our product is a single use. . And when installing, you may need to use various tools. Generally speaking, the wrench is mainly used, and the application of the wrench is mainly for the hexagonal head, and generally it is relatively large. Such applications can often bring us For better results.

Qingdao Haoruigang Products Co., Ltd. is a standard parts, non-standard production and processing enterprise integrating product development, production, sales, and integrated storage. The company specializes in the production of various bolts, hexagonal bolts, carriage bolts, square screws, wood screws, and hexagonal heads. Bolts, hexagonal flange bolts, rake cross bolts, stud bolts, auto parts, flat head bolts, disc bolts, T-bolts, U-shaped bolts, and various non-standard bolts, nuts, flat washers. The company is more focused on manufacturing all kinds of high-standard, high-difficulty, high-precision non-standard screws, nuts, non-standard hardware, etc.


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