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Hexagon Head Bolts
Hexagon Head Bolts
Hexagon Head Bolts

Outer hexagon bolts can also be called outer hexagonal screws and outer hexagonal screws. At the same time, because the outer hexagon presents a trimmed hexagon shape, it is also called trimmed hexagonal bolts and trimmed bolts. There are two production processes for trimming bolts. One is to directly punch the blank with a cold heading machine with one die and two punches, then trim the edges with a trimming machine, and finally rub the teeth with a thread rolling machine. The material utilization rate of this production process is Relatively low; the other is to directly use a multi-station cold heading machine to form a trimmed hexagonal bolt once, and then rub the teeth.

Qingdao Haorui Steel Products Co., Ltd. is a fastener manufacturer of Qingdao screws, Qingdao nuts, and Qingdao bolts: The company mainly produces and sells various specifications of standard parts, fasteners, non-standard fasteners, and also engages in wire drawing. Processing and sales business. We can accept standard internal and external hexagon bolts of various specifications and materials, and can also produce non-standard trim bolts, stainless steel hexagon bolts and other non-standard hardware products.

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