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Countersunk Bolts Screws
Countersunk Bolts Screws
Countersunk Bolts Screws

Countersunk head bolts are also called countersunk head screws, flat machine bolts or flat head screws. The head of this type of bolt is a 90-degree cone and has tool tightening grooves. Generally, it has a straight, cross, inner hexagon, plum blossom, Pentagon and so on. Other bolts will protrude on the surface of the connected object due to head problems, but countersunk head bolts can be embedded in the object, making the surface of the object appear a smooth and flat surface, which makes countersunk head bolts widely used to require bolts It is used when the head and the surface of the object are on the same horizontal line or even lower than the plane. According to the performance and function of countersunk head screws, it can be divided into countersunk head hexagon socket bolts, countersunk cross head bolts, countersunk head slotted bolts and so on.

Generally, bolts are divided into hexagon head, round head, half round head, square head, countersunk head, etc. according to the shape of the head. Among them, the hexagon head is the most commonly used. Bolts and nuts are generally used in pairs. They are used to connect two objects through holes and are easy to replace when damaged. Studs and screws are also generally used in conjunction with nuts, but they are mostly used for blind holes, and the connected parts need to be removed frequently.

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