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Round head carriage bolt
Round head carriage bolt
Round head carriage bolt

Half-round head carriage bolt refers to a half-round headCarriage bolt, There are also flat-headed ones. Flat heads are generally called flat head carriage bolts or flat head square neck bolts, and round heads have large and small round heads, so they are divided into large and small round heads. There is a square neck under the head of the carriage bolt. The function of this square neck is to get stuck in the groove during the installation process to prevent the bolt from rotating. The remaining part is composed of a threaded screw. Because this type of bolt is used to fasten and connect two parts with through holes, it is generally used in conjunction with a nut.

Introduction to the "head" of studs, screws and bolts:

Studs do not have a "head", but bolts and screws have various "heads", but the structure of the "head" is different, and the "head" of the screw generally has a fastening tool. For various shapes of grooves, hexagon sockets, cross-patterns, etc., screws that can be tightened by hand will have patterns on the "head" to facilitate tightening, which makes the size of the screw smaller. Some bolts are round head, half round head, and flat round head. Such heads need to borrow tools to tighten the connecting parts. In the actual connection process, they can also play a role in preventing theft because they cannot be easily unscrewed.

Half-round head square neck bolt refers to: the head of the bolt is semi-spherical, and there is a square neck under the head. This kind of half-round head square neck bolt needs to be used in conjunction with the nut, because the bolt head has a square neck Therefore, the connecting piece where the bolt is installed also needs to have a square hole, so that the bolt and the connecting piece will be tightly connected, and the bolt will not move with it.

The standard nouns of fasteners include: screws, bolts, nuts, studs, etc. Generally speaking, relatively small bolts are called screws, and bolts without heads are called screws. Nuts are connected with screws, bolts, and screws. Parts with internal threads. The basic difference between bolts and screws is that the bolts need to be used in conjunction with nuts, while the screws are directly screwed into the screw holes of the connecting piece, without the use of nuts.


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