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Cross flush Countersunk Bolts
Cross flush Countersunk Bolts
Cross flush Countersunk Bolts

Cross recessed countersunk head bolts are also called cross recessed countersunk head bolts, that is, the head is a 90-degree cone, and the tightening groove of the head tool is cross-shaped.Qingdao Bolt. The surface treatment of countersunk bolts and other non-standard fastener products adopts blackening oxidation, Dacromet, mechanical galvanizing, environmental protection galvanizing, blue and white zinc plating, color zinc, black zinc, nickel, blackening, quenching and tempering, infiltration Carbon and other processes, non-standard fasteners can be produced according to customers' drawings or samples. Products are widely used in various industries such as high-speed rail, automobiles, machinery, electronics, furniture, and construction.

Qingdao Haorui has been engaged in the production and operation of fasteners for many years, and has established a good corporate image in the society with its strong financial strength, high-quality professionals and good product quality, and has been widely relied on by all walks of life and customers. Praise. Especially in recent years, the products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia and other countries. After the cooperation, customers have affirmed Haorui's products and services and established long-term cooperative relations. All employees of Qingdao Haorui Steel Products Co., Ltd. wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to submit drawings, samples, calls or e-commerce to discuss cooperation, go hand in hand, and create greater glories.


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