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Power bolt
Power bolt
Power bolt

Power bolts, also known as power screws, are fastener systems mainly used in the power industry and wind power industry. Generally, only bolts are required, and other parts are fixed by pouring. Therefore, power bolts are generally discussed in the power industry, but other things such as Corresponding nuts need to be equipped on the power iron frame.
The surface treatment of power bolts is mostly hot-dip galvanized. What is the reason?
A notable feature of power bolts is that they need to be able to withstand long-term field work corrosion and strong collision friction. Therefore, although the required strength level of power bolts is only 4.8 or 8.8, considering its application, its surface is many. Hot-dip galvanizing is required. Although electro-galvanizing is resistant to collision and corrosion, it can only be used in places where the collision friction is lighter, such as the fixing of iron towers. Most power bolts are still hot-dip galvanized.

Qingdao Haorui Steel Products Co., Ltd. can customize power bolts and blackened high-strength double-end studs, 20-42 diameter super-long high-strength bolts and other wind power bolts, special-shaped bolts and nuts. Customers in need are welcome to negotiate customization !


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